5: Outer Hebrides

5: Outer Hebrides


Barry finally gets a chance to try on his all-weather action Tweed in this jaunt to the Outer Hebrides. He recounts the origin myth of Harris Tweed, visits an atmospheric Hebridean ‘blackhouse,’ and dines with one of the region’s culinary stars.

When gathering wool for Tweed, locals would extract the full value from the animal…the face for stews, the cloven hooves for magic wands, and the scrotum for rucksacks or bumbags.


This episode is sponsored by Tifftoffy College, Perthshire.


Music credits:

Wasted Britain, Scott Holmes

Gigue (BWV 995), Musick’s Recreation. Milena Cord-to-Krax

Celtic Warrior, Damiano Baldoni

Irish Club, Podington Bear


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