1: North East

1: North East



The North East is a special place. Forget your almond milk upside down cappuccino. It’s a mechanically reclaimed hoof pie, washed down with a pint of sorrow for you sir! 

The locals go by the name of ‘Geordie,’ a term derived from the Middle English for ‘unemployable.’

In this episode Barry explores the history of this region, takes a trip to the Angel of the North and Northumberlandia, the micro-city of Durham, and the border town of Berwick-upon-Tweed. 

This episode is sponsored by Colin Naysmith Funeral Directors.


Music credits:

Wasted Britain, Scott Holmes

Peaceful Mind, Borrtex

Drift, Scott Holmes

Brip Pop, Scott Holmes

We Stand Still, Scott Holmes

Discovery, Scott Holmes

Locked Up, Scott Holmes

8bitDetective, Bass Assassin


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