2: London

2: London


Longitude 0’. South West of Norwich, North North East of Guildford. South North West of Rochester. 7 inches from Bolton on page 14 of the 2003 AA road atlas.

Like the Ganges, London’s river is a sacred place. All life is here: E Coli, Enterobacter and every form of faecal coliform.

Barry takes a trip to the UK capital to experience the wonder of the world’s largest repository of stolen goods (the British Museum), the shimmering waters of the Thames, and the cavernous new Elizabeth Line. 

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Music credits:

Wasted Britain, Scott Holmes

Mahashivaratri Mela Festival Gokarna, Samuel Corwin

8bitDetective, Bass Assassin

Happy Whistle, Scott Holmes

Postcards, Scott Holmes


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