3: Cornwall

3: Cornwall


This is the story of England’s most withered limb – Cornwall.  Put your shirt back on Poldark because this is a family-friendly, tops-on guide to the regions’ legendary tourist offer.

“St Michael’s Mount is a tidal island, sitting 500m into the bay, cut off from the mainland at high tide. Although linked at low tide by a causeway – Norman French for ‘crap road’ –  the most common way to get across is to ditch your car in the sea and swim.”

In this episode Barry Patterson learns the Cornish art of pilchard fishing, visits St Michael’s Mount and enjoys a trip to the underrated but scenic Newquay bus station. 

This episode is sponsored by Robertson’s Mechanically Separated Meat (MSM) products. 


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Wasted Britain, Scott Holmes

Playtime, Jahzzar

Great Open Sea, Wellington Sea Shanty Society

Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos in Spain Gregorian Chanting 2, YouTube

Paper lanterns in the dusk, Springtide


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